AUDIO: World Vegan Month 2016 Interview on LMFM Radio

Volunteer organiser and a spokesperson for the Vegan Information Project, Dr. Roger Yates, talks to Gerry Kelly of LMFM Radio in Drogheda, on his “Late Lunch” programme during World Vegan Month 2016 (November 9th 2016).

2014-10-08_dro_3749224_i1Gerry and Roger explore issues like the election of Donald Trump as US President, the intersectional nature of the VIP, whether the vegan message is getting across in Ireland, vegan education, Vegan Information Days, Sandra Higgins‘ awesome Go Vegan World initiative, the origins of “animal husbandry,” health, the economics of animal farming, where other animals we eat come from, honey, calf food and casomorphins, is veganism a difficult philosophy to adhere to every day, the radicalism of the origins of the vegan social movement in 1944, restaurants with vegan options, has the establishment impacted on Roger’s career, and Violife plant-based cheese.

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