The Time of Veganism is NOW. A Talk at Dublin VegFest (Sept 11th, 2016)

It was my pleasure to return to Dublin VegFest in September 2016 to give a talk about a “movement issue” that concerns me: the move by “professionals” in the movement to alter the meaning of veganism to the extent that a person who eats other animals can be regarded as a vegan.

Part of this move against veganism involves suggesting to young, impressionable, vegans at conferences and other events across the globe, that the best way to promote veganism is by not being vegan yourself in dietary terms, and to reject (and even mock) the philosophy of veganism. Part of this position is to socially construct and maintain the “crazy vegan” slur, and the suggestion that “vegan” is a scare word.

I make the case that this attack on veganism should be resisted and opposed and that vegans should carry on doing what they ultimately want – the advocacy of veganism.

[There was a huge queue to get into Dublin VegFest, so the beginning of my talk was delayed – so we conducted a spontaneous Q&A before the talk – I’m blaming this for me losing my voice slightly at the end of this recording!]

Dublin VegFest 2016: The Time of Veganism is NOW from Roger Yates

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