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VIDEO: Tim Barford – Inspirational Vegan Activists in 2017

Many thanks to Tim Barford of VegfestUK who included the Vegan Information Project in a recent video (see below).

Tim talks fondly about two influential members of the animal advocacy movement, Andrew Tyler of Animal Aid, and Professor Tom Regan, the author of The Case for Animal Rights, who both sadly died in 2017.

Tim also talks about a number of “movement issues,” such as appropriation, and reducetarianism.

VIDEO: Vegan Love Baby

As you may know, Facebook now allows groups or pages to have a video banner.

This is the VIP one – you can see it on FB H E R E.


September 2017 Monthly Video Diary

With great pleasure, the Vegan Information Project present our monthly video diary for September 2017.

These diaries show scenes from the VIP’s “Vegan Information Day” events which take place every Thursday in Temple Bar Square, Dublin (10am – 6pm, or 1 – 6pm in the very cold weather).

The Vegan Information Project is an all-volunteer group and, as always, many thanks go to the wonderful volunteers who turn out every week to talk to the public about the justice-for-all vision of vegan philosophy.

Thanks you awesome people!

VIDEOS: Rapid-Fire Reviews of Weekly Info Days

Because we find it so very hard to wait for each monthly video diary, we’ve begun to make very short (less than a minute) reviews of the weekly Vegan Information Day events.

Hope you like them!


VIDEO: VIP’s 7th Monthly Video Diary

We are happy to share our 7th monthly video diary of 2017 covering the month of July. As you’ll see, we now have TWO WHITE GAZEBOS and this makes our Vegan Information Day events splendid! The original red canopy on our first gazebo (bought in 2013 for a really great knock-down price) was beginning to tear. We were tempted to get a “cool” black replacement but that wouldn’t be practical.

The white tops make things a lot brighter – and that will help in the darker months when we’ll be bringing out lights back into use.

The other gazebo is brand new since the one borrowed to us had to be returned. Luckily we were able to purchase this second one for half price, so both gazebos have turned out to be bargains!


Generations of Animal Loving Animal Users

When vegans talk to non-vegans about “animal farms” and the other animal use that goes on inside them, non-vegans often claim that they “know” about farms and they already have the knowledge they need in order to make an informed decision about whether to consume animal products or not.

They may say that they are happy to consume other animals but they are opposed to “cruelty to animals.” They often claim that they are pretty sure that the other animals they have eaten have not suffered.

This video by sociologist Roger Yates, organising volunteer for the Vegan Information Project, looks at this issue in terms of socialisation processes – the lessons we learn as children about human relations with other sentient beings.

When non-vegans claim knowledge of other animal use, they are often recalling the vision of “free-range farming” they encountered as children in books – or because they may see, for example, cows or sheep in fields as they pass in trains or cars. Such scenes remind them of those early picture book stories of “happy animals” who live in farms.

This is part of the process of creating generation after generation of animal loving animal users who have been taught by the ideology of animal welfarism – the dominant way by which humans think about their relations with other animals – that “non-cruel use” is not only possible, but common. They’ll often agree with the proposition that animal farmers “love” and “care” about the other animals in their charge, and they’ll accept the notion that other animals eaten by humans have “only one bad day.”