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VIDEO: Q&A Session with Roger Yates following Cowspiracy Screening

Sociologist and volunteer for the Vegan Information Project (VIP), Dr. Roger Yates, was the guest of the Dublin Animal Rights Group who showed the film Cowspiracy in Dublin on 18th February 2016.

Roger Yates answered the following questions..

Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and how you got involved with the animal rights movement?

From your experience what methods are most effective in the promotion of veganism and animal rights be it publicising the movement on the streets, single issue campaigns or means such as social media and documentaries

You have had well publicised disagreements with vegan public figures who advocate the likes of reducetarianism, meatless Mondays, etc. Can you share with us your views on this?

Recently, there has been an upturn in the public’s interest in vegansim and we are seeing campaigns such as the vegan advertisements run by Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary and an increase in vegan dairy and meat replacement products. Do you envision an end or significant decrease in industrial animal farming and slaughter over the coming decades?

…and then questions from the audience.

There were some technical problem on the day – but a good deal of the Q&A survived!

Video Diaries 3 & 4: Vegan Information Days.

Our friends at VEGO (Vegan Education on the Go) have been doing weekly vegan education outreach events in Dublin for a year now. They start at 1pm on Saturdays and end after 6pm – the longest sustained outreach events, along with the VIP gazebo events, in Ireland.

The Vegan Information Project began doing joint events with VEGO a few months ago. For 2016, weekly “video diaries” have been produced. The third and fourth are presented here.

VIP would like to thank once again the folks at Art of Zen for the plant-based cheese samples which are a big hit every week – and to VegFest UK’s manager, Tim Barford, for including VIP in the list of beneficiaries of the “Pig Freud Tour.” See more about the “thinking pig’s pig” HERE). The wonderful gift from the PF tour means that VIP are now largely in a position to fund “Neville,” the much-needed VIP van, for another year (renewing insurance and road tax, for example – the day-to-day expenses, such as diesel, are paid for by VIP volunteers. We are also still paying off the purchase of the van). If you would like to further support VIP’s unique style of vegan education outreach, please see HERE).

VIDEO: Our 2015 End of Year Review

The Vegan Information Project had a real setback in 2015 when our van was stolen (but recovered) and the caravan we planned on using for the first ever “Animal Rights Tour of Ireland” was smashed up.

However, we still managed to get quite a bit done.

Here’s the story of our year…

The new caravan and VIP's van Neville.

The caravan and VIP’s van Neville.

VIDEO: Final VEGO/VIP Public Education Event for 2015

For several weeks Vegan Education on the Go (VEGO) and the Vegan Information Project (VIP) have teamed up to run education tables and then gazebo/table events every Saturday from 1pm-6pm and often later.

This film was made during the final event of 2015.

Scenes from Recent VEGO/VIP street education events.

The last few months on Saturdays, VEGO (Vegan Education on the Go) and VIP have staged joint education events in Dublin. Running from 1-6 or later, these are great ways to directly talk to people about the vegan ethic.

As ever, there are a lot of “vegan curious” folks about, keen to learn more about veganism.

These events show the error of thinking that vegan is a scare word – the public have no problems interacting with vegans on the streets.

Here are a few pictures from recent weeks.