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Helping School Students with their “Action Project” on Animal Rights

VIP volunteers tina cubberley and Roger Yates were asked to speak to a group of students who are researching and writing their “action project” on Animal Rights.

The talk was dedicated to Pepsi the cat, who has died recently. RIP Pepsi.


The major theme for the talk was the differences between animal rights and animal welfare. The students were keen to discuss that, looking at concepts such as “unnecessary suffering,” “subjects of a life,” and “sentience,” but they were also interested to talk about veganism and vegetarianism, zoos, language, shearing wool from sheep, animal rights and feminism, “health vegans” and so on.

As well as some VIP and Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary literature given to the student, they also watched this recent Eden video with great interest.

Special thanks to Eile for organising the talk.


Sociologists Matthew Cole & Kate Stewart’s New Book and Dublin Appearance.

9781409464600 Matthew Cole and Kate Stewart are vegan sociologists (Matthew works at the Open University and Kate at Nottingham University) who have a new and important book just released: Our Children and Other Animals: The Cultural Construction of Human-Animal Relations in Childhood.

Matthew and Kate are appearing in Dublin shortly as guests of the Vegan Information Project.

In the meantime, listen to their brand new podcast…

Look out for the announcement of Matthew and Kate’s Dublin talk on the VIP FB page. You’ll be sure to get a lot from their presentation and Q&A session.

Vegan Information Day on Bank Holiday Monday

VIP held its “Vegan Information Day” stall on Bank Holiday Monday, 27th October 2014.

Here are some scenes from another day of intersectional vegan education on the street…

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IMG_3651 IMG_3652 IMG_3655 IMG_3656 IMG_3657 IMG_3658 IMG_3660 IMG_3661 IMG_3662 IMG_3663 IMG_3664 IMG_3665

VIP developing a new range of badges

Here are some of VIP’s new intersectional badges which will be available towards the end of October 2014.

We are also working on an on-line store or shop, so the millions of VIP supporters will not miss out!

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vip badge oct 12 vip badge oct1 vip badge oct2 vip badge oct3 vip badge oct4 vip badge oct5 vip badge oct6 vip badge oct7 vip badge oct8 vip badge oct9 vip badge oct10 vip badge oct11 vip badge oct13 vip badge oct14 vip badge oct15 vip badge oct16 vip badge oct17 vip badge oct18

Double Decker: twin gazebos in Dún Laoghaire

VIP broke new ground again with 6 hours+ of vegan education in Dún Laoghaire, 12th October 2014.

Here are some scenes from the double gazebo event!

Many thanks as always to the wonderful VIP volunteers.

tea station IMG_3587 IMG_3586 IMG_3585 IMG_3583 IMG_3574 IMG_3577 IMG_3580 IMG_3582 IMG_3573 IMG_3570 IMG_3565 IMG_3564 IMG_3554 IMG_3553 IMG_3547 IMG_3548 IMG_3549 IMG_3550 IMG_3552 IMG_3542 IMG_3543 IMG_3544 IMG_3545 IMG_3546 IMG_3539 IMG_3536 IMG_3340

Spontaneous Experiment with Gazebo Layout

On 28th Sept, we tried a new layout for the gazebo stall with the “anarchist t-shirt store” brought in from the cold (or the heat, actually, given the recent weather).

There were no vegan food samples and portions available this time – but that will change!!!







All 5 VIP Podcasts in One Place

VIP’s 5 podcasts are all here. These podcasts feature tina cubberely talking to Roger Yates about themes that emerged when they facilitated a number of workshops for VIP as part of our mini-course on social movements which began during World Vegan Month 2013 and ran well into 2014.

These podcasts were recorded between July and September 2014.

We have included the original “blurb” for each one…


At the end of the VIP “mini-course” on social movements which began during World Vegan Month 2013, xavi finix gave a number of talks with Q&As and workshops on a number of subjects such alliance politics, intersectionality, direct action, the “great refusal” (an idea from political theorist Herbert Marcuse) and media.

We filmed tina’s talks but not the workshops, so this podcast series is designed to explore ideas that arose in the cubberley workshops.

This first podcast tries to outline the basics of the theory of intersectionality/pro-intersectionality.

To get the full picture, you can watch the film HERE as well as listen to this podcast.


In VIP Podcast 1, tina cubberely explained their vision of intersectionality and their concept of “we are each other.”

In this follow-up, we further try to expound on the importance of intersectionality within the vegan movement.

We explore the idea that capitalism is violent and the idea that we cannot get to where we want to be “one issue at a time.”


Toward the end of the VIP “mini-course” on social movements, straight-edge vegan anarchist tina cubberley organised and ran a number of talks, discussions, and workshops on a series of issues.

This series of podcasts is designed to explore in some detail some of the themes that emerged during the workshops, which we did not record. tina’s talks, however, were recorded and can be found on the VIP’s YouTube channel.

In this podcast, tina discusses the concept of “the great refusal,” as developed by political theorist and philosopher, Herbert Marcuse, in two of his books, Eros & Civilsation and One Dimensional Man.


In this, the third VIP podcast, we continue to explore the themes that cropped up during talks and workshops facilitated by tina cubberley towards the end of the VIP’s “mini-course” on social movements.

See here for the blog entry about the initial talk – also see the YouTube video of tina’s talk below.

In the podcast, we look at categories like “the public,” the under use of independent media, how mainstream journalists can keep their integrity, the inevitability of our messages being “translated” by the mass media, and the role of “the spokesperson.”


In this podcast, tina and Roger discuss issues that arose during a VIP workshop on rights. On the agenda: what’s the confusion between moral and legal rights? What are the objections to rights from feminism and anarchist positions? What about the ethos of care -v- the “cold” formulation of rights?


This is the final podcast that arose from the workshops tina cubberley facilitated at the end of the VIP “mini-course” on social movements which began during World Vegan Month, November 2013.

So, what is “direct action” – what isn’t direct action? Why “banning” this and that is not direct action.

VIP Podcast 5: Direct Action


This is the final podcast that arose from the workshops tina cubberley facilitated at the end of the VIP “mini-course” on social movements which began during World Vegan Month, November 2013.

So, what is “direct action” – what isn’t direct action? Why “banning” this and that is not direct action.


or listen H E R E

Living Inside A Movie. Our “Cowspiracy” Day

VIP held their regular “Vegan Information Day” stall in Dublin (21st Sept 2014) which coincided with a “climate change picnic” in St. Stephen’s Green Park, Dublin.

One of our volunteers approach their petition area and spoke to them about “animal agriculture.” They replied, “but this is about climate change.”


Here are some scenes from the day.

Vegan Information Project – Intersectional Justice Activism.

IMG_3291 IMG_3287 IMG_3289 IMG_3280 IMG_3282 IMG_3276 IMG_3279 IMG_3271 IMG_3268 IMG_3270 IMG_3263 IMG_3259

VIP Gazebo “Mini-Marathon” Success

The Vegan Information Project has recently completed its “mini-marathon” of vegan gazebo stalls. These events represent the most intense period of vegan outreach that Ireland has ever seen!

Just under 40 hours of direct contact with “vegan-curious” non-vegans in just over two weeks…

The “marathon” dates were…

(Setting off at a grand pace) Sunday 24th August – Rathmines area of Dublin
(Eating up the kms) Wednesday 27th August – Temple Bar Square in Dublin
(Legs a bit wobbly now) Sunday 31st August – Westmoreland Street, Dublin
(Second wind) Wednesday 3rd September – Westmoreland Street, Dublin
(Finish line!!) Sunday 7th September – Grafton Street, Dublin

The VIP gazebo stall includes the following….

  • Literature – leaflets, posters, mini-zines, recipes
  • Vegan food samples and portions
  • Video Booths
  • “Tea station” cafe area where people sit and talk with VIP volunteers over a free cup of tea
  • T-shirts (VIP has 3 designs of t-shirt)
  • Other goods – rings, necklaces, badges, and bookmarks
  • T-shirt making area (this is a new venture where people can see their t-shirt made for them on the spot. We call it the “Anarchist T-shirt Store.” T-shirts are “rescued” from charity shops in the Dublin area and have a variety of designs sprayed and drawn onto them.)


These are some recollections of the marathon by tina cubberely….

  • the woman who was a radical feminist an vegan for six years who agreed with me that all violence is a vegan issue and said what we do is very important
  • the feminist who said she was considering veganism and felt inspired by our vision of it as a struggle for everyone
  • someone who went past the stall and said to their friends, “look, vegan revolution!”
  • showing some kids how to make and fold zines (that was special to me at any rate :))
  • the young woman who took copies of all our intersectional posters to put up in her school
  • having political conversations with folks who are waiting for their t-shirts to be made
  • we should also definitely mention alba’s magic vanishing omelette, of course!


IMG_3090 IMG_3136 IMG_3134 IMG_3130 IMG_3128 IMG_3124 IMG_3121 IMG_3119 IMG_3111 IMG_3093 IMG_3092 IMG_3066 IMG_3056 IMG_3017 IMG_3015 IMG_3013 IMG_2923