VIDEO: Our 6th Video Diary of the Year

The Vegan Information Project (VIP) are happy and proud to share our 6th monthly video diary of 2017, covering the month of June. These videos document the VIP’s “Vegan Information Day” events which began in 2013. These are weekly 5-hour direct to the public vegan education events.

We believe that we must challenge the dominant culture – speciesism – which says that we humans can systematically and ruthlessly use and exploit other animals for our benefit. We reject that, and believe that we need to directly confront speciesist culture at the grassroots, community-based level.

The VIP’s values incorporate the concept of “The Great Refusal.”

We REFUSE what is.

We fundamentally challenge what is.

Grassroots pro-intersectional vegan education is so important. We tackle the issue of violence face-to-face. We talk to the “vegan curious,” and those who would want to maintain the status quo. We confront dominant violence with our vegan signs, our banners, our pro-intersectional literature, our talk.

We stand alongside the founders of the vegan social movement of the 1940s who stood for peace, non-violence, the moral evolution of humanity – and, for JUSTICE-FOR-ALL.

Many people come up to us to thank us for what we do. We give them strength to remain vegan, or to move closer to the philosophy of veganism. We are an island in a sea of violence.


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