VIDEO: VIP’s 4th Monthly Video Diary

This is the Vegan Information Project’s 4th monthly video diary of 2017, featuring our double gazebo set-up. These 5-hour events run from 1-6pm every Thursday in Temple Bar Square, in the very heart of Dublin.

With our increased space under gazebos – 6x3m – we are able to experiment with different table lay-outs and features. We are pleased that the “tea station” is back, although it is not sunny enough just yet to be fully operational. The tea station (this is a cafe area where members of the public can sit with a VIP volunteer and talk over all things vegan) is something we are determined to improve in 2017.

We feel this is important because there is a growth in the numbers of “vegan curious” folks. Such people do not come to argue, or defend their speciesist practices; they are more interested in asking vegan-related questions. Therefore, having a relaxed sit down with a free cup of tea is perfect for that!

We hope that you enjoy our upbeat, uplifting, video diary!

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